What we do

LIP Poljčane d.d. is a company with 42 years of experience in the alteration of beech wood and the manufacture of childrens furniture. Throughout the years many of the production methods have changed and evolved into environmentaly friendly and cost effective whereas design had become unique and will decide who stays in business in the future. At LIP Poljčane d.d. we have always been a leader and inovator in the manufacture of childrens furniture acquiring 85% of export sales, highest quality and widely reconised design of our products.

Our products range from cots and childrens beds of various dimensions to cradles, dressers and changers, wardrobes, childrens seats and tables, to wall-mounted shelves, basicaly everything to furnish a childs bedroom.

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Lip Poljčane d.d.
Sedež: Bistriška cesta 2
2319 Poljčane

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